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Pinpoint Pegger

Card Punch

Pinpoint Pegger

A Card Punch, or "Pegger", is a card marking device, that is used to place a small bump or "blister" onto the surface of a playing card, allowing the initiate to detect the card by means of touch.

The Pinpoint Pegger, designed and made by Eoin O'Hare, has many unique features, including an innovative pin holder design allowing the user to see the pinpoint itself, as the pegger is being used.
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Exposed pinpoint

The pin holder can accommodate various diameter of pin. A laser cut slit at the back of the holder aligns the pin and holds it securely whenever the two hex screws are tightened with the supplied hex key.

Back Stop & Side Fence

The back stop can slide along the main body of the pegger, and be locked in any position using the thumb screw. It remains independent of the pegger’s “up and down” arm movement when creating a blister. Used in conjunction with the adjustable sprung side-fence, they determine the position of the blister on the card.

Normal & Edge Marking

Traditional positions for blisters on a card’s surface, can be controlled with or without the stop and side-fence. Extreme edge marking is achieved simply by sliding the back stop forward until it touches the pin, and locking it in place using the thumb screw. Then adjusting the side fence to locate the desired lateral location of the blister, and also locking it in place using it’s sprung thumb screw.
That’s it!
Place a playing card under the hold-down clip and press.

Locate edge marked cards by bevelling the deck.

Folds for Travel

Pinpoint Pegger Video

A quick demo of a “normally positioned” blister, and an edge blister, being made.

Computer-aided Design

Computer-aided design was used to create and optimise the Pinpoint Pegger. Designed to have laser cut components and be finished by hand. From the spring to the screws… everything is stainless steel construction.

Designed symmetrically, with a reversible side fence, the pegger can be used in either hand.

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Clipped card

Pinpoint Pegger

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