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Aligner Jig

Split Card Alignment Made Easy

Aligner Jig

An Aligner Jig allows you to perfectly align split cards when creating gaff cards.
It's fully adjustable, from the slight size differences between different makes of cards, to the size difference of poker and bridge cards, the jig will fit them all.

Simply move the two adjustable fences and tighten the thumb screws to achieve the perfect fit.

The simplest jig to use to get perfect edges, fast!
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Align Cards like a Pro!

If you're a dry mount tissue user (DMT) you'll be pleased to know that there's no need to round the corners before assemble. The Aligner Jig has open corners allowing the use of square cut DMT. The corners are trimmed after assembly to create a perfectly glued corner.

Don't use DMT? No problem, the Aligner Jig is perfectly suitable for using a glue stick as the adhesive.

So simple to use! Perfect gaffs.

Adjustable Fences

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Non Slip Rubber Feet

The base of the jig has five non-slip solid rubber feet.

Compact Size

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Aligner Jig Demo

Want to see how the Aligner Jig is used?

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Protected Area where you can watch how to set the jig & how to make gaffs with DMT and Purple Stick Glue.

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Computer-aided Design

CAD was used to create the Aligner Jig. Laser cut components, finished with machined edges ensuring accuracy and alignment. Constructed from stainless steel with solid rubber feet.

Made in Ireland - An Irish jig

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Aligner Jig

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