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Corner Splitter Jig

Card Splitting Made Easy

Corner Splitter Jig

So, what is a Corner Splitter Jig?…

Split playing cards are essential in the making of special types of gaffs. The Corner Splitter Jig is a simple playing card gaffing device which allows the user to split the corner of a playing card into it’s component layers; front, back & glue. It gives the user the ability to choose between the front or back layer to split.

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Split Cards like a Pro!

Using the Corner Splitter Jig is easy!

No more bashing a card on the table and getting frustrated trying to pry a layer off. The Corner Splitter Jig allows you consistently split a corner, choose the face or the back and dog ear it. Quick!

Insert a card, bend the card’s exposed corner back & forth from front to back a few times, stroke the jig’s rubber layer over the card’s bent corner.

The card is split!

Adjustable Fence

Textured Rubber Base

The base of the jig is made from solid textured rubber. This is able to 'grip' the single layer of a split corner.

A little work horse!

Corner Splitter Jig in action, stills from the video linked further down the page.

Compact Size

Corner Splitter Jig Demo

This quick video demonstrates the Corner Splitter Jig.

Rapid corner splitting, with the jig held continuously in the hand.

View the User Guide online for more details and other settings, by clicking the button below. Or download the guides here.

Computer-aided Design

CAD was used to create the Corner Splitter Jig. Laser cut components, finished with machined edges ensuring accuracy and alignment. Constructed from stainless steel with a textured rubber base.

Made in Ireland - An Irish jig

Corner Splitter Jig

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